After Hours Care

We're eager to announce that we've partnered with Remedy to create
Premier On Demand in order to expand virtual visit service to 24/7.

Remedy is Austin-based and highly-rated, and our practice leaders trust them. We've created a simple and secure process to make sure our patients receive the highest level of care, regardless of the time of day:

1. When you need care, call or book online through our patient portal or PFP app. If it's past Premier's normal hours, visit to easily book online. If Premier is still currently open, you'll be automatically directed to PFP’s website to book your appointment.

2. When scheduling an after-hours visit, use the same email you use to login to the Premier portal (Athena), and choose a password to protect and secure your medical record.

3. Check your email for an activation link, and then request care immediately via the link. Your patient info will be automatically populated.

The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. If you don't yet have a login on the Athena (Premier) portal, that's ok. Just follow the above steps and we'll still get you connected quickly. If it's after hours and you prefer to call, just call 512-677-7282.

When you use Premier On Demand, the medical record of your encounter is automatically shared with your Premier provider in order to effectively and seamlessly manage your care.

Premier is here for you! Please reach out so that we can assist you with any and all of your healthcare needs.

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