Tiffani D.

"I’ve been going to PFP since I moved to Austin. Having been a patient of doctors at the Texas Medical Center, I thought I’d be doomed to find a good doctor here. PFP has blown me away. I see the PA’s of Dr. Dawson, but calling Leslie Brice or Shannon a simple PA would be unfair (and I’ve never met Mr. Dawson). They take all aspects of my life into account and make me a partner in my own health. Leslie has guided me towards healthier exercise habits and celebrates my wins in life with me. She had helped me make decisions about pain and anxiety management that fit with my own beliefs. She’s never given a Xanax where another option would be a better fit. She’s never shoved me into an antibiotic or antidepressant without thorough thought on how that fits with my overall health goals. And Shannon, who I’ve seen a couple of times in Leslie’s absence, also always takes the time to listen closely and builds a plan for health that matches my goals. They both treat me like a human woman and never a hypochondriac, as so many physicians do to women. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. And if Leslie moves, I’d proudly use her telemedicine practice or strongly consider moving. She’s that good. I should also add that the entire nurse and supporting staff has been incredible. You get the odd person who is short with you from time to time, but you always know it’s because they’re busy. Crystal especially is always on the ball. She responds to portal messages super quick when it’s something she can pick up and doesn’t require Leslie. And there’s a lovely guy whose name escapes me that always tells me I have a famous person’s signature. It makes me laugh every time. Laughing? At the doctor? Yeah, it happens."

- Review from Google My Business

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