Virtual Visits


How do I schedule a virtual visit?

Scheduling a virtual visit is as simple as choosing the location you would like to be seen at, your preferred care provider, and a time slot that best suits your schedule. Click here to book your appointment now.

Which conditions are suitable for virtual visits?

  • Lab result review
  • Follow-up for chronic diagnosis: hypertension, diabetes
  • Acute conditions: allergies, cold, asthma, pink eye, rash, UTI
  • Mental health follow up
  • Medication management
  • Nutrition services

Which conditions are not suitable for virtual visits?

  • Chest pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Acute bleeding
  • Chronic pain medication refills
  • Neurological symptoms- slurring of speech, paralysis, loss of consciousness, dizziness

Advantages of virtual visits

Whether you are on the go, need a simple medication refill, or unable to commute to our office due to existing medical conditions, virtual visits can help stream line the healthcare process. Utilizing Virtual Visits along with our Athena Patient Portal and Premier Family Physicians App you can stay on top of you and your families health anytime, anywhere.

Are virtual visits covered by my insurance?

Yes, most commercial insurance cover virtual visits.

How-to and support

Having trouble setting up your virtual visit? Below are resources to help you navigate the steps to connecting with your doctor digitally.

If you are experiencing problems signing up or connecting to your virtual visit please call (844) 961-2226, we are here to help.

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