Routine Physical Exam/Pap Policy

Dear patients,

A number of our patients have inquired about getting charged for physical exam and an office visit. We would like to offer this explanation of a complex, billing situation.

Physical examinations are defined, particularly by insurers, as preventative visits. Prevention includes detailed questioning about your current health status, a careful physical examination of the body, determination of risk for health problems and diseases, and recommendations for screening, such as for cancer and lifestyle changes. Prevention does not include addressing specific, individual health problems (whether they are new or existing), brought up by the patient or discovered by the physician. These health problems, injuries, and diseases take extra physician time and effort, and they fall outside of the realm of a physical exam.

As such, please understand that when we address your individual medical problems during your physical exam, an additional office charge will be added to your charge for the physical exam. Most insurers cover our attention to these medical conditions, but some may shift an additional co-payment or deductible charge back to you. We are educating you about the situation so you are not surprised if it happens.

We believe in taking time with our patients. We believe in the highest quality of care. We believe the screening process and preventative interventions are an important part of our job, but we also want our patients to have the option of bringing up a concern or problem during a visit, including a physical exam. Although we do not always have the time to address everything, we will do our best to address what we feel we can, without sacrificing quality, within the time scheduled for your appointment. But, please be prepared for charges that reflect the nature of the visit.

We appreciate you entrusting us with your health care,

Premier Family Physicians

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