Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Portal

How do I create an account?

To create an account on our portal click on the “Athena Patient Portal” link on the home page. This will direct you to our portal site. Once the site loads, click on “Create an Account”. You will need to complete our online registration form in order to link your portal account to your patient information account in our office. This will enable your doctor to send you lab results and other important messages in a secure online application.

How do I send requests through your website?

You are able to send secure portal messages, request an appointment online, or make a payment at any time through the online patient portal. Please be aware that the patient portal is NOT for EMERGENCY OR LIFE-THREATENING assistance. To send a message to your doctor or make any other requests simply sign in and choose from the list of options. Patient portal messages and appointment requests are answered the next business day. If you need to get schedule an appointment early in the morning of the next business day please call the office directly at 512-892-7076.

How do I access my previous patient portal to view messages and medical records prior to December 1st, 2019?

You can access this information by logging into your Medfusion Patient Portal.

Lab & Imaging

Do I need to fast before my appointment?

We no longer require fasting before labs due to recent studies showing there is not a significant amount of change in cholesterol. You are welcome to fast for 6 hrs if you like or you can have a light non-greasy meal 2 hours before your appointment. Please do not skip your medications. If you decide to fast it is OK to have water or black coffee, but again we no longer require that you fast. If you have further questions please consult with your doctor.

When will I get my lab/imaging results?

Lab and imaging result will be returned within 7 business days. Certain tests may take longer but your provider will inform you of longer than expected return times. You can receive your results via US mail or through our patient portal. By creating an account on the patient portal you can cut down the delivery time and receive your results as soon as your doctor has reviewed them.


How do I request a refill?

Assuming you have refills remaining on your prescription, the best way to request a refill is through your pharmacy as they will send the request directly to your provider with the correct drug name, dosage, and quantity. Another option is to send a message to your provider through your patient portal account via “Ask a Provider”. If you are out of refills an appointment will be required (see below).

Do I need an appointment to get a refill?

If you are requesting a new medication, an adjustment on a medication, or are out of refills you will need to schedule an appointment with your provider to ensure your safety. Certain medications require routine follow up appointments to check blood work and ensure continued efficacy; your provider will let you know when to schedule your next appointment and typically arranges refill quantities to match the desired follow-up schedule. If you are unsure when you are supposed to come back in please call our office for assistance.


Who should get a physical?

A routine physical can detect problems early on, while they are easily treatable. Putting off a physical can lead to serious complications because many illnesses and diseases have no obvious symptoms and become harder to treat over time. Regular check-ups help you and your provider stay on top of your health. Catching a problem early is the easiest way to help avoid complications and can keep problems from escalating into something more serious.

Will my insurance pay for a physical?

How often you should get a physical depends very much on your age, your health status, and of course, for many people, on their insurance coverage or ability to pay for one. A strictly medical standpoint may differ from your insurance coverage, which may set allowable time intervals between physicals. Most insurance companies will cover a physical every few years for young adults, and more often as people age. They’ll also usually cover certain tests and screening as needed or recommended by physicians.


What insurance do you accept?

Premier Family Physicians accepts most major health plans and networks. We make every effort to provide competitive prices and prompt pay discounts for our cash pay patients. Before enrolling in a new insurance plan, we recommend that you verify that your doctor is in-network to ensure that your office visits are covered by your insurance. Many insurances will list their covered providers on their website. On the day of your first appointment, a patient coordinator will confirm your coverage so it is important to know ahead of time if our providers are in-network with your insurance plan. Please bring a copy of your insurance card to your visit. New Medicare patients are accepted on an individual physician basis. Please call our appointments line to see which care teams are accepting new Medicare patients.


Where are you located?

Premier Family Physicians currently has five office locations. For maps, phone numbers, and office hours please click on “Our Locations”

How can I get help or questions answered after the office has closed?

Premier Family Physicians have clinical staff and/or physicians’ on-call 24 hours and 7 days a week. If at any time you need NON LIFE THREATENING assistance call our main number 512-892-7076 for further instructions. EMERGENCY OR LIFE THREATENING situations DO NOT WAIT! Call 911.

What is a “Medical Home”?

Please review the “Feature of A Medical Home” information on our website located in the patient information section

What is a Primary Care Physician or why do I need to choose a Preferred Provider?

Although you are welcome to see any of our physicians or physician assistants, we ask that you designate a Preferred Provider. We are concerned about the whole range of our patient’s health, including but not limited to physical / behavioral / mental health, and nutrition. Given the confusing health care environment, we feel we are responsible for helping you coordinate care across settings such as specialist and ancillary treatments.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes. If you believe you cannot wait to schedule an appointment you are welcome to just walk-in. Please understand that although we will make all attempts to work you in with your preferred provider, it is not a guarantee that you will see them. We will do everything possible to get you seen by a provider as soon as possible.

Do I need to tell you about my past medical history?

Yes, in order to provide you the best care possible it is essential that we know as much as possible about your past medical history including medications, visits to specialists, health status, recent test results, self-care information, recent hospitalizations, and specialty care or ER visits.

Are my records secure and confidential?

Yes, we make every effort to ensure your privacy and confidentiality in all facets of serving you. Please review the “Patient Privacy” information on our website if you have questions.

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