Accessing Healthcare During This Pandemic

Dr. Craig Kopecky

"Austin has started opening up more businesses and coming up with plans to keep the public safe, and the economy as healthy as possible. At Premier Family Physicians, we have tried throughout the pandemic to remain accessible to our patients, and we will continue to do our best to care for you and your family. Still, the question comes up “How safe is it for me to go to the doctor’s office?”.

All of our clinics require face coverings for anyone in the building as required by the Texas Medical Board. We are screening all patients when appointments are scheduled, and anyone with any symptoms that suggest an infection is sent to a separate clinic site away from where routine office visits are being held. We call this our “pop-up clinic”. Staff are protected with PPE during intake and exam, and patients are brought into the clinic one at a time upon arrival after waiting in their cars. There are 4 rooms to see patients, but only one checking in at a time. We are swabbing for COVID-19 for patients who are ill, and we are offering the most reliable antibody test available for anyone interested. Click here for additional information about the different COVD-19 testing options offered.

For appointments unrelated to an infection, we are seeing patients in person at all of our locations except Lakeway. (Dr Kopecky and his staff were relocated into our Bee Cave office to consolidate supplies and personnel but will be opening again toward the end of Summer.) We have always been diligent about cleaning common areas and patient care areas thoroughly and frequently but have stepped up this process even further to ensure your health and safety. We are performing check-ups, physicals, medication reviews and refills, mental health services, and PM&R (physical medicine and rehab) services.

In addition, we will continue to offer telemedicine options for your healthcare. As many of you know, we started offering “virtual visits” at the beginning of the pandemic and we are happy to report this service will continue to be available. All we ask is that you keep in mind these are 10-minute appointments. This is ideal for following up after starting a medication to make sure there are no side effects, and it is working as expected; as well as for refill of medications that are due for a follow-up and refill. Likewise, if you are sick, and would rather not venture out of your home while you are ill, we can see you in a virtual visit and depending on the situation order medication, labs, or even x-rays. Click here to learn more about Virtual Visits.

So while it is true we are not at the end of the pandemic, we are ready to meet all of your healthcare needs in a way that best serves you and helps keep our community healthy."

- Craig Kopecky, MD

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