Alexandra K.

"Every doctor I have seen here has been so wonderful. I have been seeing Gay Lynne Carson recently for some ongoing issues I’ve been having, and she is so patient and goes out of her way to make sure I can get the tests, referrals, and prescriptions that I need when I need them. She also responds to my messages through the portal very promptly. I know I can be a tedious patient as sometimes these issues present symptoms yet don’t show up in tests, but she and the others I have seen never make me feel obnoxious even though I’m sure they have long and tiring days, and always spend as much time listening to my concerns as necessary. I am never rushed, cut short, or judged. Natalie Brown has also been really amazing, kind, and interested in what I am going through when I have seen her in the past. They never make me feel rushed, and when I have multiple issues they can usually talk to me about all of them in one appointment and don’t make me come back for separate concerns when I bring them up last minute. I recommend coming here (especially for Gay Lynne and Natalie)- I think I’ve seen four different people (as I cant always get in with the same person) and they really do seem to care and want to help! In my experience, the wait time before being called back is never too long either which is always a plus."

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