Gillian W.

"Do you know how hard it to find an DR and one that you trust? Well, we got lucky and found this clinic for my Mother in Law first, then I had to find a DR, I wanted to use her DR, but I found my DR here, although a man, he is very good and very thorough. I might be biased, his wife is my dentist (yet another review).

My MIL Dr is the bomb and so is my DR, you must go and find your Zen. No one likes going to the DR, but it is important to have someone that has good bedside manner. I appreciate when my DR listens to me and is prompt with test result comments and posting in the portal. They will call you if something is wrong right away ( so far not a common occurrence) but they don't mess around. I appreciate that he takes a different approach to health care and your future well being. Check them out if you are trying to find a new doctor."

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