Penny P.

"Darren has been our family's Dr. for 35 years. He now is a 3 generation doctor for my family. He excels in ADHD and other neurological issues ((depression, anxiety, panic, etc.) He took care of Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Lusk's patients in Shoal Creek Hospital, for 10 years, is a Dr who sits and actually listens attentively to you, he is a gifted diagnostician, is very proactive with his patients' health, and has been amazing with my grandson, from birth to 11 years old!

A good example of his proactiveness is that he has his patients get a special heart scan at 50 years of age. Several of his patients needed immediate heart surgeries and didn't even know there's was anything wrong with their hearts. This Dr has real common sense and care for this family of patients. He emails to check on us, he called to check on my grandson when he was sick, and so many other things to add!

We love him and now we're doing virtual appointments, but can also see him in person if necessary!"

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