Educational Websites

Listed below are helpful links to other healthcare organizations and their websites. Please discuss this information with your provider.

Health Information Sites

Ebola Facts Patient Handout

Web Md Health

National Institutes of Health

The Mayo Clinic

Patient Education Center

Family Doctor


Family Doctor.Org

American Heart Association

The Food We Eat
Dr. Geyer recommends listening to these TED talks which explain our deep connection to food and how it shapes our lifestyle.

Cancer Information Sites

American Cancer Society

Center For Disease Control

Physician Oncology Education Program

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Life After Cancer Care

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

National Cancer Institute - Cancer Survivorship Research

Institute of Medicine - From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Translation

American Society of Clinical Oncologists

American Cancer Society

Lance Armstrong Foundation

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Guidance for end of life decisions:

This link is to an illustrative opinion about end of life decisions

This link gives an outline of the different kinds of advance directives patients can use to make their end of life decisions known

This link describes in great detail the legal documents, living will and medical power of attorney

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