Pediatric Patient Resources

Below are resources to assist our new and existing pediatric patients with any questions they may have.

Complete Your New Patient Forms Online

Patient forms for both new and existing patients can be conveniently viewed, completed, and updated using our Premier Family Physicians App which is available at no cost in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you decide not to use the app to fill out your patient forms please arrive 20-30 minutes early to do so in our office.

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Stay Connected To Your Health

Our Patient Portal powered by Athena allows existing patients to request an appointment, communicate with their provider, pay bills online, and much more. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!

Patient Information Sharing Consent Form

Here you will find the Premier Family Physicians and Premier Pediatrics Patient Information Sharing Consent Form. This is Not a Medical Records Request form, see below for our records request forms.

Medical Records Request Forms

Request That Your Records Be Sent To PFP Use this form to request that medical records be sent from another doctor's office to Premier Family Physicians

Request That Your Records Be Sent From PFP - Use this form to request to have records sent from Premier Family Physicians to another Doctor/Facility, or to request a copy for yourself

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